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Abdul Jabal Adams Deserves To Be The Best Player In The Ongoing Inter Soccer Schools Competition

Abdul Jabal Adams Deserves To Be The Best Player In The Ongoing Inter Soccer Schools Competition
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Abdul Jabal Adams is the Goalkeeper of Islamic Senior High School. He is the number one shot stopper for the Atotefo) team who has kept the post for 2 years.

Currently, the lad is the Best Goalkeeper in the competition. In this year’s tourney, Adams is the player who has made his name and intention clear to win the MVP by virtue of his splendid performance in the competition.

As the tournament will be wrapping up on Monday, he’s the one who stand tall amongst others for such prestigious award.

Solomon Yewona of T.I Amass, who relatively performed well could be mention. Ernest “Hazard” Asiedu of Asanteman and Abdul Jabal Adams of Islamic. But the Goalkeeper is by far the best amongst them as the lad exhibited a performance none of the 2 have done.

Infact, Adams is the one who has single handedly, took Islamic to the semi final of the competition.

Islamic was paired with with ST George’s in the round 32 stage of the competition. The Asotefo) team are simply not clinical up front. So when they meet a team that has a much quality than them or knows how to possess the ball well, they try to hold the team to the penalty shootouts of which the Goalkeeper Adams will simply do his magic there.

Adams in the round of 32 within the regulation time had to rescue Islamic on numerous occasions before even the shootouts. And in the shootouts, the lad incredibly saved 4 penalties which saw his side progressing to the next stage of the competition.

In the round 16 stage, Islamic played against Osei Tutu SHS. The game was very tough as both sides ensured a good and a remarkable football on that day. Islamic was lucky to have taken the lead in the first half. O.T tried very hard to equalise but to no avail.

In the die embers of the game, OT had a penalty. The stadium was in total silence and everyone was in a dilemma to see what will happen. OT effected the kick and the Goalkeeper jumped and dived to save the penalty which resulted in the a corner kick.

OT couldn’t make any good use of the kick and subsequently, the game came to closure. Once again, it was Goalkeeper Abdul Jabal Adams.

The Abrepo based SHS after that victory was paired with seven times champions, OKESS in the quarter finals. The game one of the best games we enjoyed in this years tourney.

OKESS was favourite in the first half unless the seven times champions do not kick a ball to the goalpost of Islamic and Adams will save it. OKESS tried on countless time to score but It was always Adams who rescued his side.

Islamic also bounce back in the second half half but couldn’t take the advantage to score as OKESS was quite tired after the break. The game ended 0-0 and the only mechanism left to be used was a penalty shootout.

OKESS effected the first penalty for which the Adams magnificently saved the first and third kick. And that gave Islamic high sense of confidence that they could do more in the shootouts. Subsequently, the game came to an end which saw Goalkeeper Adams saving 2 penalties thereby Islamic progressing to the semi finals stage of the competition.

Before the semi final encounters, Adams had saved 7 penalties. His sides played Amass in the semis for which Amass won 1-0. It was a game many fans thought Islamic could have won the game by virtue of what transpired in the quarters but hell no. Amass was simply amazing, super and fantastic to win the that game.

It was simply Goalkeeper Abdul Jabal Adams INCREDIBLE SAVES, MAGNIFICENT ABILITIES and amp; a TOP NOTCH QUALITIES that saw Islamic to have reach that far. There is no other player who has single out himself in this year’s tourney than Goalkeeper Abdul Jabal Adams.

For this reason, he stands tall to win the prestigious MVP award. Let’s not forget, Islamic will take on Asanteman in the 3rd place game before the T.I Amass vs OWASS Grand Finale. Hence, another wonders from the Goalkeeper to be expected.

By:Fareed Mohammed Awal.

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