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Hypocrisy killing Local Football In Ghana?

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Monday 22nd October, 2017 was a exactly one year 2016/17 Ghana Premier League ended in the country .

Aduana Stars won their second league title at the Len Clay Sports Stadium in Obuasi after 4:2 defeat to Ashanti Gold SC.

Exactly today all football lovely fans around the globe knew Aduana Stars were the team to represent Ghana in the CAF Champions League.

Today clubs leaders are appealing to the Normalization Committee for a slot to participate in Africa.What has change for our clubs to be in this situation.

All these leaders were asleep when Ghana football especially the Premier league wasn’t attractive enough for some of them to visit a match venue and corruption took over the league with match fixing among certain team players, football administrators and match officials were receiving gifts to influence games at match venue.

Some Sports Journalists in the country were greedy and selfish with the little money they earn from these corrupt football administrators, they jump in to defend them since most of them don’t spend their time and money to travel away to watch the local league .

If the league was ongoing in the country sports journalists will preview the games  on radio, TV and website etc.

The country will possibly get champion to represent in Africa as they are debating who to go to Africa.The season didn’t end and it will be very difficult to allow one club to represent the country.

The qualification is not based on a team which have enough fund but it is rather determine by performance, if three clubs comes out that they all have sound money in their account what will be the decision?

We shouldn’t also pretend nothing happened.What then triggered the formation of the Normalization Committee by CAF/FIFA?


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