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A Comprehensive Interview With Olimpija’s Abass Issah

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He came to Ljubljana through the back door, the expectations were not high. 

He did not play at the beginning, he waited for his chance. When he met her, he shivered. He defeated his home defeat against Rudar, and by the end of the season he became an irreplaceable member of the first position.


At first, Olimpija only borrowed him for half a year, and according to his excellent performances, he finally bought it. Before the start of the new season, he signed a three-year contract, Igor Bišćan is currently unable to imagine the first postings without an excellent ganic striker.

Abass is a quiet, somewhat restrained boy who prefers to speak on the pitch. With the ball in the legs, as he himself says. Self-confident, direct, and above all honest.

Abbas, your life story is a little different. How and when did it all start, when did you get to know the soccer ball?
I started playing football at five years. As in most African countries, the conditions for playing football are not the best in Ghana, but it was important that I had a ball. Bad playgrounds, bad weather, distance from home, none of this has hindered me. I wanted a ball. I was happy with her, she gave me everything. That’s how it was when I was small, so it’s still today.

What was your childhood? We are accustomed to making people who have not had flowers with flowers, make even more effort to succeed them once. In order to realize their dreams.
I have a sister and a mother living in Ghana, and my father died before I was born. I never knew exactly what happened, they told me that he got ill overnight and soon died. Childhood was therefore difficult, I grew up without a father, but my mother made great efforts to have my sister and I had what we needed. For my luck, there was somehow a football ball, I did not ask for more. Now, when I look back, I would not change anything.

When did you start playing football more seriously? 
When I started to go to school. During high school I also came to the national team, where such conditions were, which I never imagined. Before that, I got a ball in my hands, we split into two teams and played. Conditions were bad, but then I did not even know that they could be better, so I simply enjoyed it.

How difficult is it for a young Ghanaian footballer to get into Europe? 
Very difficult. There are a lot of young, talented boys in Ghana, who are not lucky. The agent spotted me when I played for a young team. He promised me that he would take me to Europe, which is extremely difficult for the young player in Ghana, and he kept it. I went to the Netherlands where I was one year, and then I came to Olympia. I have not looked back since then.

You left your country very young, including your mom and sister. It was definitely hard.
I went out with the goal of spending my time. We are constantly hearing, these two are my greatest support. There is no father who can take care of them, so this burden has fallen on me. It’s not difficult for me, I help them financially, and I use every little opportunity to visit them. Finally, I visited them in a break between the seasons. I am the only one in the family who works, the only one who serves, so I need to help them. That’s my job.

At Olympia, these trainers were used in various positions. Last season you played mainly on the winger, even in the position of an offensive midfielder, but this year Igor Bišćan has put you at the start of the season at the start of the season.
In the younger selections, I have always played in the “tens” position. I am quick and technically well-trained, so I was later used by coaches on the wing, especially on the left. It does not matter where I play, it’s important to help the team. If the coach asks me to play in defense, I will do it.

Olimpija fans have already noticed that you are a very aggressive soccer player, determined to be successful on the court. After all, despite the fact that you are a little lower, you get a lot of jumps. 
When I decide to get the ball, then I get it. I’m small, but that’s not important. It does not matter in what way, it does not matter how big the defender is, I will get the ball. Simple. I’m not afraid of anyone.

You’ve already played one eternal derby last season, now your second is in front of the door. This year is different, Olimpija jumps the very top of the table, the stands will be full. 
I’m not looking at the stands. That does not bother me. The only thing that matters is the ball. When I see her in a network, I did my own. I want to fight for the team, to win, I do not care about the rest. The fans have no influence.

Your plans for the future? You’re young, the whole career is ahead of you. 
I’m not rushing anywhere. Olimpija is a great club, well organized. I want to take advantage of every opportunity that the coach offers me. I believe in you. I know what I’m capable of. Just give me the ball, that’s all I need.

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