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The 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, known as the Total Africa Cup of Nations, Gabon 2017 (also referred to as AFCON 2017 or CAN 2017) is scheduled to be the 31st edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the biennial international men’s football championship of Africa organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The tournament was scheduled to be hosted by Libya, until CAF rescinded its hosting rights in August 2014 due to ongoing war in the country. The tournament will instead be hosted by Gabon.

The 2017 African champion will qualify for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia. This event is also part of the Africa Cup of Nations 60th Anniversary.


2017 African Cup | FIXTURES

Saturday 14 January 2017

Gabon           v          Guinea-Bissau      Stade d’Angondje  4:00PM

Burkina Faso         v      Cameroon    Stade d’Angondje  7:00PM

Sunday 15 January 2017

Algeria     v    Zimbabwe  Stade de Franceville   4:00PM

Tunisia        v          Senegal         Stade de Franceville  7:00PM

Monday 16 January 2017

Cote d’Ivoire            v          Togo   Stade d’Oyem         4:00PM

DR Congo     v      Morocco     Stade de Franceville          7:00PM

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Ghana            v      Uganda      Stade de Port Gentil          4:00PM

Mali      v        Egypt Stade de Port Gentil          7:00PM

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Gabon        v       Burkina Faso      Stade d’Angondje  4:00PM

Cameroon    v          Guinea-Bissau     Stade d’Angondje  7:00PM

Thursday 19 January 2017

Algeria        v      Tunisia           Stade de Franceville          4:00PM

Senegal       v       Zimbabwe    Stade de Franceville          7:00PM

Friday 20 January 2017

Cote d’Ivoire       v      DR Congo     Stade d’Oyem         4:00PM

Morocco     v       Togo   Stade d’Oyem         7:00PM

Saturday 21 January 2017

Ghana            v         Mali    Stade de Port Gentil          4:00PM

Egypt      v     Uganda         Stade de Port Gentil          7:00PM

Sunday 22 January 2017

Guinea-Bissau   v  Burkina Faso Stade de Franceville          7:00PM

Cameroon    v      Gabon   Stade d’Angondje  7:00PM

Monday 23 January 2017

Senegal         v        Algeria         Stade de Franceville          7:00PM

Zimbabwe    v       Tunisia         Stade d’Angondje  7:00PM

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Togo      v       DR Congo     Stade de Port Gentil          7:00PM

Morocco      v          Cote d’Ivoire            Stade d’Oyem         7:00PM

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Egypt    v       Ghana            Stade de Port Gentil          7:00PM

Uganda         v          Mali    Stade d’Oyem         7:00PM


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