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Azumah Nelson’s Fight Night october 29

Azumah Nelson’s Fight Night october 29
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On October 29th, the five-star Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel in Accra will host “Azumah Nelson’s Fight Night,” courtesy of HeMann Promotions in conjunction with Azumah Nelson Boxing. held court with “The Professor” as he discussed the upcoming event and a host of issues regarding the sport. Read the full transcript below.


BBN: Azumah Nelson, welcome to

AN: Thank you


BBN: The second edition of V.I.P. Fight Night is now Azumah Nelson’s Fight Night. How does it feel to have your name on the show and give it your endorsement?

AN: In this world, when you do good people we will definitely reward you. I been inducted into the International Hall of Fame all because of my exploits during my days. More than five boxers have won the world title in Ghana but when you talk about boxing in the country people normally refer to Azumah Nelson so I’m happy my name has been put on the upcoming fight.


BBN: You played an integral role in the first edition of the V.I.P Fight Night. What will be different in the upcoming show?

AN: The fans should expect better performances this time. Because we are trying to pick the good ones and polish them to become world champions.


BBN: Regarding the boxers on the card, how do you assess their chances of obtaining a world title shot?

AN: It is about discipline, it is about their seriousness. Sports is about discipline so if you are disciplined and you know what you want and you know where you want to go, you will do your best. We have experts who can polish a boxer to become a world champion and that is why me and my partners are producing this championship.


BBN: Hearing you on various platforms you have predicted that in 2020 Ghana will see a new world champion. Why not now?

AN: Boxing is not like football. Football everybody can play but boxing is an art, you need time to know the art. I believe that from now to 2020, we can get somebody who can learn the art and then we train that person to become world champion.


BBN: With your experience in the sport, what is your assessment of the current trainers we have in Ghana?

AN: That is why we came in because the coaches that we have in Ghana lack experience. Some of the coaches in the system there is arrogance in them, they think they know everything. They think they can do it so the boxer shouldn’t worry but in the long run they are hurting the boxer. It’s like taking your son to a teacher who hasn’t been to school before, what do you expect your son to learn? So like I said, what we are doing is if you are a boxing coach and you have a boxer and the boxer is doing well, we can show the coach some tricks in the sport to teach his boxer for that boxer to become a good fighter. So that he can become a world champion by 2020.


BBN: Talking about world champions, a few weeks ago Richard Commey fought for a world title but he lost via a split decision. Please share your thoughts.

AN: I have been saying that when you are going to somebody’s country to fight, you have to take your referees and judges into the ring. You can’t go there and finish the rounds and win on points. The fight was so close and anybody can win. There were some small mistakes that he did which his corner didn’t see because the level of that experience is not there. Richard Commey is now in the country, I’m ready to be at his corner not that I will take him to the ring but I will visit him at his gym and show him some things that he should do.

08 16 16- Richard Commey and Azumah Nelson

BBN: Back to the October 29th, will your son Azumah Nelson Jr. be on the show?

AN: He is an amateur boxer, he is in school now but he will show up. He will come and fight on October 29th.


BBN: Ahead of the upcoming show which boxer have you penciled down to steal the show?

AN: Boxing is boxing and anything can happen, the one you think can run the show you will be surprised that they will knock him out in the first round. So all the boxers that coming into the fight none of them is easy, everybody is tough you can’t pick a particular boxer till they finish.

BBN: Thank you for speaking to us.


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