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“Sportainment” with Wa All Stars defender Nicholas Mensah: Kweku Asuandzie is the most serious player at Wa All Stars

“Sportainment” with Wa All Stars defender Nicholas Mensah: Kweku Asuandzie is the most serious player at Wa All Stars
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“Sportainment” is a section on Sportsnewsgh that gives you the “on and off the pitch information about your favourite player”….This segment gives you the right facts,personal experiences,opinions and ideas of the player you want to know..Sportainment is YOU!..Sportainment is YOUR PLAYER!…Sportainment is fun!..Sportainment is Sports as it happens!

On this week’s edition of Sportainment,we spend time with Wa All Stars defender Nicholas Mensah as he talks of his club,favourite players in the league as well as his choices on social stuffs. Enjoy!

SPGH:Hello Nicholas..welcome to Sportainment.

NM:Thank you..but let me ask..why the name Sportainment?

SPGH:Well its about getting fans of teams in the Ghana Premier League closer to their favourite players and also to enlighten readers around the world 0n the Ghana league and get you guys closer to the foreign world.

NM:That’s a nice initiative and I’m honoured to be on this platform.

SPGH:Great…So tell us about Nicholas Mensah.

NM:Nicholas Mensah is a guy from Cape Coast in the Central Region,had his basic education at the Pedu M/A Basic School and his secondary education at the University Practice Senior High School in the Ghana Premier League and now plays for Wa All Stars in the Ghana Premier League.

SPGH:Run us through you playing career from childhood.

NM: I started playing football at a very tender age when I was in Cape Coast.I played for a colts team called Great Halifax and later on moved to Tema and joined Prostar Academy and later on moved to Tudu Mighty Jets and now with Wa All Stars.

SPGH: Who do you compare your playing style to and who do you look up to as a player?

NM: Jonathan Mensah is my role model, I really like his aggressive attitude on the pitch as I’m also an aggressive player and he is one player I always look up to.

SPGH: For now we know you are a very aggressive player what are some of the stuffs in football you will like to improve on?

NM: I will like to be more powerful on my speed as a defender and also winning one on one situations against opponents and also my crossing ability.

SPGH:So now lets talk Wa All Stars,how did you end up there?

NM: I came to Wa All Stars through a coach I will always call a father.Coach Jimmy Cobblah now with Inter Allies,he spotted me when I was playing for Mighty Jets.

Image result for jimmy  cobblah

SPGH: Whose your closest pal at the club?

NM:Well I’m close to all the guys but I think i’m more close with Emmanuel Ocran and Ishaku Konda.

Nicholas Mensah with Isshaku Konda


SPGH: Whose the funniest at the club?

NM:Nicholas Mensah(laughs)…aside me I think James Kabutey is also one funny dude I have met.

SPGH: What about the always serious guy at Wa All Stars?

NM: Yes Kweku Asuandzie. The guy is always looking serious on the pitch and even off the pitch.

SPGH:And the shy type which I know is not you(laughs)..

NM: yeah but I’m a bit shy but looking at the guys,I think is Hafiz Adams our captain.

SPGH: Which player loves food most at Wa All Stars?

NM: Ishaku Konda.That guy can really eat(laughs)

SPGH: What are your thoughts on this year’s Ghana Premier League?

NM: This year’s league has been a very competitive league and a very attractive one as well.

SPGH:Attractive in what sense?

NM:Attractive in terms of the support every team gets when they play at home.

SPGH:Is Wa All Stars winning the league?

NM: We just want to win our remaining matches and see what will happen from there?..(laughs)

SPGH: Is Wa All Stars winning the league?

NM: Its every player’s dream to achieve at the end of  every football season so we are working hard to achieve something.

SPGH; Meaning second place is in the league is an achievement  right?

NM: Yes but we are are aiming for 1st position…(laughs)

SPGH: One fixture Ghanaians are interested in is the Wa All Stars- Aduana game. What are your expectations?

NM: Yes its not going to be an easy game because we beat them at Dormaa and they will also try their best to win in Wa but I bet you we will get the three points.

SPGH: Are you suprised with the performance of Hearts and Kotoko this season?

NM: Yes I’m a bit suprised because we all know they are the two biggest teams in Ghana here and they always have to be on top.

SPGH: Will you join if any of them come knocking?

NM: Why not? Every Ghanaian player’s dream is to play for Hearts or Kotoko.

SPGH:What are your thoughts  on the recent match fixing allegation concerning your game against New Edubiase?

NM: Seriously I don’t know anything about it and I don’t know where its coming from.

SPGH: Have you ever experienced bribery in your football club?

NM: No please

SPGH: Who is your favourite player in the league?

NM: Inusah Musah. He is a very good defender.

SPGH:Who has been your toughest opponent in the league?

NM: Komlan Agbenadian…very strong and stubborn as well.

SPGH: And the player you didn’t struggle against?

NM: Isaac Mensah


NM: Yes It was tough but i didn’t struggle.

SPGH: Aside Wa All Stars,which team will you have liked to play in the league?

NM:I like Ashgold a lot.

SPGH: Name 3 players you would have liked to play with in the Ghana League?

NM: Inusah Musah of Hearts, Stephen Bentil of Dwarfs and Emmanuel Eli Keke of Dreams FC.

SPGH: Lets talk about your life…what are your hobbies?

NM: Watching movies and listening to music.I like hiplife and dancehall music a lot and Stonebwoy is my favourite artise.

SPGH:What is your favourite song from Stonebwoy?

NM: Any Day..I usually listen to that song when I’m having my leisure.

SPGH:Whats your favourite dish?

NM:I may wet your appetite now(laughs)…I’m a fan of  Fufu and Light soup.

SPGH:(laughs)..I need a bowl after this interview..So what’s your choice?..fair ladies or dark ladies?

NM: (laughs) Dark ladies “errday”(everyday)

SPGH:Oh really..meaning there’s a dark lady in your life.

NM:Noooo!..Im single and searching

SPGH:Are you really sure?

NM:100% sure Ivan (laughs)

SPGH:Thick ladies/slim ladies

NM: Slim ladies with nice shape for sure.

SPGH:mmmm nice choices.

NM:Do you like slim ones too?

SPGH: Errmm I do the questioning you do the answering(laughs)..What’s your dream club?

NM:(laughs)..Manchester United..I’m a full united fan.

SPGH: Alright finally your suggestion to club administrators concerning you players?

NM:Well they should treat us good..That’s all

SPGH: Can you explain further?

NM: No I’m sorry..(laughs)

SPGH:No explanation for your fans?

NM:I’m sorry fans..This not the right time for explanations.

SPGH:Well thanks Nicholas for spending time with us today on Sportainment.

NM: Welcome and good luck in your works.





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