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Africa: Zizo resigns as Ah-Ahly football director

Africa: Zizo resigns as Ah-Ahly football director
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Photo: Al Ahly official website

Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Shafy Zizo” has released an official statement announcing his resignation as the director of the Al Ahly’s football sector.

Zizo was brought on by Al Ahly’s board as interim manager following the sacking of Fathi Mabrouk. He was then appointed the director of the football after the appointment of Jose Peseiro as the club’s manager.

Zizo also served as Al Ahly SC’s caretaker after the resignation of Peseiro from his job before the appointment of Martin Jol as coach.

The Statement:

“I’d like to offer my apology to all of Al Ahly’s fans and members for being unable to continue in serving our big club due to the unclear signs of my role as the director of football, which makes my experience and knowledge have no real value. Continuing in my job won’t be beneficial to the club, whatever the personal pressure I manage to bear.

“God knows that I didn’t spare any effort, experience, knowledge and ideas during the time in my job. I have tolerated a lot with good patience and no complaint for the benefit of the club.

“I have always supported the club’s technical staff and the manager, Martin Jol, respecting his big name and I’d like to confirm that I have no personal problems with him, despite the rumors.

“I gave the club’s board a lot of advice and expectations regarding many incidents and I have made many suggestions, but I have never found the needed response to solve the current situation. Some people have even questioned my role at the club and distorted my image in front of the sports society until we reached this crisis, which we could have dealt with in a better way than we are currently witnessing.

“That’s why I must take a decision to determine my situation and submit this excuse to the board, which has been late for three months due to the importance of the club’s games in the league, the Cup and the Champions League.

“I’d like to thank all the club members and fans for supporting all of my decisions, and to the players who have tolerated much this season and their response was the key for the win and success in the difficult situations.

“I’m also very grateful to the technical staff that I can confirm again that I have no personal problems with any of them.

All my wishes to our great club for success, and I’m very confident in its loyal sons to return back to its normal position as the world’s greatest club.”



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