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Coach Isaac Boateng : I will be disappointed in kotoko management.

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Former Asante Kotoko coach Isaac Opeele Boateng says he will be disappointed if the current management bring in a technical advisor to help Michael Osei.

Interim coach Michael Osei has seen his job come under scrutiny following a string of insipid results by the Porcupine Warriors.

Osei was tipped to be a handed a permanent role as the head coach following the club’s resurgence but the past few weeks have been turbulent resulting in Operations Manager George Kennedy clamoring for a technical advisor to assist the former player.

But former coach of the club Isaac Opeele Boateng strongly opposes the decision terming it as bogus.

“This is more than bogus because coaching is about philosophy which is not scientifically based that you can say one plus one will give you two,” he told Joy Sports

“Philosophy is how the coach sees the game, you bring in a new coach or trainer for the person to dictate to him- especially when they have different ideologies- that will bring some problems in the team.

“And that is why Kotoko will go down, down and down, for me the problem is not Michael Osei but about that despicable politics whereby people fight for positions and they want people to leave where they are.”

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