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Lawyer Ntow Fianko Points Out Five(5) Key Rules That Needs Amendment.

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Former chairman of the Ghana Division one league board has outlined five key points the GFA must amend at the coming Congress.

Lawyer Ntow Fianko in an interview on Asempa Sports Night stated various reforms he believes the Ghana Football Association must consider ahead of it annual Congress.

According to the astute Lawyer, the GFA must take another look at 35(1)(c) of the F.A’s regulations which states that A club or club(s) official, players or supporters of a club who prevents the video courage of a match by accredited FA officials shall be liable to fine not below GhC 1,250,750 and 500 for Premier, First and Llower division clubs respectively.

He further suggested that clubs should be fined if they prevent video courage, but the FA on the other hand must also compensate the clubs if they don’t go to the match centers to cover matches.

The FA must reconsider article (34)(4)(b) of the GFA regulations which talks about point deduction. He believes that clubs should be fined heavily if they refuse to wear their original Jersey and should forced to pay within the designated time.

The GFA should identify those who qualify to take Ex-gratia because its not in the laws of the FA as at now.

Women should be maintained permanently on the executive committee board.

He finally stated that the GFA in their next Congress should take a critical look at the Referee officiating fees.

Lawyer Ntow Fianko

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